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Drive yourself

Take a trip, move house, pick up furniture and more.

Rent local cars near you

Affordable car rental

Affordable car rental

Rent a car by the hour, day, week or longer – plus, fuel is included.

Drive with confidence

Drive with confidence

All trips include basic damage and loss cover, as well as 24/7 roadside assistance.

24-hour support

24-hour support

Our team are here to help online and over the phone.

One simple app

One simple app

Tap, book and drive all from the Uber Carshare app.

Local cars near you

Local cars near you

Choose from thousands of cars, vans or utes in your area.

Free to join

Free to join

Only pay when you need a car. Get started with a few basic details and your ID.

Tap, book and drive

Rent cars, vans and utes across Australia.

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How it works

Rent a car near you for an hour, day, week or longer.

Step 1.

Find a car

Search thousands of cars, vans or utes.

Step 2.

Book online

Create an account and verify your driver’s license.

Step 3.

Pick up the car

Get the keys using the app and hit the road.

What a trip costs What a trip costs

What a trip costs

Prices include fuel, damage cover and roadside assistance.

Monthly fee


Booking fee


Rental rates from

$5/h or $25/d

Distance fee from


Excess ^


Reduce excess to $500

$1.50/h or $18/d

When you book your first trip, you’ll pay a refundable $150 deposit.

^ The maximum amount you'll have to pay if you are responsible for damage. Exclusions apply. Learn more about damage cover.

What a trip costs What a trip costs

You could pick up furniture for $45

Let’s say you book a van to pick up some furniture you ordered. With the money you save on delivery, you could pay someone to put the furniture together.

Time cost

3 hours for $30.00

Distance cost (includes fuel)

25km for $8.25

Booking fee




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