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Need to hire a ute in Canberra? There are hundreds of real people’s utes of all types and sizes listed on Uber Carshare. Whatever you need a ute for - Uber Carshare has something for you. Borrowing a ute from your neighbour is easier than with traditional rental companies as you can skip the counter and all that tedious paperwork. Whether for a road trip or trip to the shops, find cars around you on the app and get prices by the hour or by day. It’s free to become a member, and because the keys are at the vehicle, you can skip the rental counter and get instant access to your ute.

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Hiring a ute in Canberra - useful information

If you’re picking up some furniture or stocking up at the hardware shop, you might need something a bit bigger than a car. Hiring a ute is an easy way to get the space you need at an affordable price. In Canberra you can hire a ute from a car rental agency or through a car-sharing service like Uber Carshare.

A cheap and convenient option is to use a service like Uber Carshare. This lets you rent a ute by the hour or the day so you’ll only pay for the time you actually need. Once you’ve joined Uber Carshare you can find a ute near you, book it instantly, and get on the road.

How much does it cost to hire a ute in Canberra?

Hiring a ute from a car rental agency in Canberra could set you back around $100 a day, once you include fuel and extra fees to reduce your excess. With Uber Carshare you can borrow utes from $8 an hour or $35 a day, plus distance charges. Reducing your excess will cost just $1.50 an hour or $18 a day.

Do I need a special licence to drive a ute in Canberra?

You can drive a ute on a normal car licence. A car licence allows you to drive any car, ute or van that’s under 4.5 tonnes and has up to 12 seats.

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