Your car could earn you cash

Offset your car’s costs or start a side business.

Rent your car
$54 million paid to car owners
1,020,000 trips taken
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Rent your car

Cars dedicated to sharing earn $8,251 per year on average, with the top 10% of cars earning an average of $16,585 a year.

Two ways to share

Earn up to 30% more*

Instant Keys

Earn more by making your car available when you aren't

Key exchange

Borrowers get the keys from a smart lockbox

Distance record

A GPS tracker automatically records distance


Borrowers pay tolls directly, so you don’t have to

Monthly fee

$19 / month
*Based on 6 months data between Dec-2021 and May-2022, for cars across Australia that were available more than 60% of the time.

Key Handover

Good for owners who have time to meet with borrowers

Key exchange

You meet borrowers to exchange keys for bookings

Distance record

Borrowers record the distance, and you confirm it


You pay for borrower tolls, and we reimburse you

Monthly fee


Hear from other owners

  • Steve

    More shared cars is a win for everyone

    "I’ve built up from sharing one car, to sharing six. It’s a great business - not just because of the return on my investment, but because it helps to reduce the number of wasted cars in the community."

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  • Priyanka

    My car pays for itself

    "I only drive a couple of times a week, and I rent my car out when I’m not using it. The earnings pay for rego and standing costs, so I can invest that money into growing my art business. My car has stopped costing me money and started making me money."

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