Your car could earn you cash in Boston

Share your car to earn extra cash.

List your car
Contactless bookings
Borrowers verified
Covered on every booking

How it works

Share your car for an hour, day, week or longer.


Step 1.

List your car

Check your car’s eligibility and set up your car’s profile, choosing your rates and availability.


Step 2.

Start getting bookings

We’ll send you a lockbox and GPS device, so no need to meet borrowers when they book.


Step 3.

Enjoy your earnings

You'll earn based on the time rates you set, as well as a distance rate to contribute to running costs.

Instant Keys for ultimate ease

Earn even when you’re busy and use contactless pickup to let borrowers easily unlock and lock.


Borrowers pick up and return the keys using the smart lockbox, so you don’t need to be around.


A GPS device automatically records distance during bookings, calculating costs for you.

No monthly fees

Pay a one-off fee of $19 for your Instant Keys kit, refunded once you publish your car listing.

Get started

Where you can share

Uber Carshare is currently available in selected areas of Boston. From Apington to Yarmouth.

Check eligible areas

Car eligibility criteria

  • 15 years old or newer
  • Market value of $50,000 or less
  • Mileage 200,000 miles or less
Check eligibility criteria

Share with confidence

Your car is protected

Your vehicle is protected if a borrower causes damages during a booking. Learn more about how you’re protected.

Safety and support

We provide 24/7 support, manage payments and verify borrowers, with trust and safety at our core.

All in one simple app

Do it all in the Uber Carshare app – manage bookings, see your earnings, and get support.