Last Modified: August 24, 2023
means any collision between the Vehicle and any other object,
including another vehicle, or any other incident or occurrence that
results in the Vehicle being damaged, lost or destroyed.
means any Borrower, or person authorized by the Borrower who has
completed the Uber Carshare Borrower verification process and who
for the length of a Booking is otherwise eligible to borrow a vehicle
through the Uber Carshare platform, and drives a car during your
means an instance where a Borrower uses the Uber Carshare
platform to reserve a Vehicle belonging to an Owner.
means the earliest of: (a) The start of the reservation time indicated
in the Booking System; or (b) when the Owner of a Vehicle provides
the Borrower with the care, custody and control of the Vehicle which
may be evidenced with the delivery of the keys, but only if the care
custody and control is provided on the same calendar day as the
start of the reservation period indicated in the Booking System. The
Booking Period ends at the latest of: (a) the end of the reservation
time indicated in the Booking System; or when (b) the intent to
terminate the reservation is expressly communicated to Us, but only
if the intended termination is on the same calendar day as the end of
the reservation time indicated in the Booking System; or (c) the
Vehicle is returned to a location specified by the Owner of the
Vehicle or by Us but only if the return occurs within twenty-four hours
of the end of the Reservation Time as indicated on the Booking
System unless there are circumstances beyond the Borrowers
control which impede their ability to return the Vehicle prior to the
end of the reservation period indicated in the Booking System. The
Booking Period shall not extend more than twenty-four hours from
the end of the reservation time as indicated in the Booking System,
unless the Borrower has the express consent from the Owner or Us
to maintain care, custody and control of the Vehicle. Notwithstanding
the conditions in paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) regarding the end of the
Booking Period, the Booking Period ends automatically when the
Owner of the Vehicle or their designate retrieves the Vehicle or
otherwise resumes care, custody and control of the Vehicle which
may be evidenced by possession of the keys by the Owner of the
Vehicle or their designate.
means the technology that coordinates Bookings and payments
through the Uber Carshare platform.
means a person who borrows, or makes a Booking to borrow, a
Vehicle using the Uber Carshare platform.
Damage and
damage to the Vehicle that requires repair or replacement
(excluding normal wear and tear);
towing (excluding any towing in excess of 40km, storage and
recovery charges; and
fees and charges relating to the assessment or quantification
of the loss or damage;including any applicable taxes.
means the amount we will charge your preferred payment method in
respect of an Event, as set out in your Protection Schedule.
means an event where Trip Damage and Loss occurs at the same
address and time. For example, once you have picked up a Vehicle,
if you scrape it when backing out of the driveway it will be one Event.
If, later during the Booking Period, you have a collision with a third
party driver, it will be considered a second Event.
means the total amount of fees plus any taxes that a Borrower is
required to pay to access Vehicle Protection for the duration of each
Protection Period.
means a person who makes their Vehicle available for Bookings
through the Uber Carshare platform.
means the maximum amount payable for any one Damage or Loss
or series of Damage or Loss arising out of any one Event, as set out
in the Protection Schedule.
means the schedule attached to and made part of this document.
Trip Damage
and Loss
means Damage and Loss that occurs during a Booking Period and
that a Borrower is responsible for under the terms of the Uber
Carshare Terms of Service.
means a vehicle including its standard modifications and accessories
as supplied by the manufacturer, keys, remote opening devices and
tolling device, made available for sharing through the Uber Carshare
We, us, our
UberTech Carshare Canada, Inc. and any affiliated companies.
You, yours
means a Borrower who has purchased Vehicle Protection as
described in the Protection Schedule.
2.1. The Fee for Vehicle Protection will be priced according to the level of the plan you
take. There are risk factors that may also be considered including the age of the
Authorized Driver(s). The level of plan that you choose and the Fee for your Vehicle
Protection will be quoted as a dollar amount onscreen when you make a Booking.
This will also be confirmed in an email confirming your Booking or you make any
changes to your Booking.
3.1. How to submit a claim:
Claims can be made through the Uber Carshare Website.
4.1. You may cancel Vehicle Protection at any time by canceling your Booking as directed
in the Uber Carshare app. If you have paid for the Booking, your Contribution will be
5.1. With Vehicle Protection, the requirement for you to return the Vehicle free from Trip
Damage and Loss that you are responsible for under the Uber Carshare Terms of
Service is waived up to the amount of the Protection Limit for Trip Damage and Loss
that occurred during the Booking Period, subject to:
any condition or exclusions set out in this Protection wording; and provided
you have paid the Fee;
you notified us of the claim within 48 days of the Event resulting in the
claim, and that Event arose during the Booking Period;
you seek our approval for, and we have approved, the costs and
expenses prior to them being incurred by you; and
the Protection Limit will apply in respect of each Event.
Vehicle Protection is a limitation of your contractual liability to return the Vehicle without
damage. Vehicle Protection is not insurance. Trip Loss and Damage may be covered by
your own insurance or insurance provided by the issuer of the credit card you use to pay for
the Vehicle.
5.2. Deductible
You will need to pay a Deductible in respect of each Event, as set out in the
Protection Schedule. We will charge your payment method for the Deductible
if you make a valid claim.
6.1. Vehicle Protection does not include Damage and Loss arising from any circumstance
where you or your Authorized Drivers operate or use the Vehicle:
to carry cargo or baggage that damages the Vehicle or exceeds the Vehicle’s
carrying capacity;
to carry a number of passengers that exceeds the number that the Vehicle is
designed to carry or the number of available seatbelts;
to carry passengers or property for hire, fare or reward or make commercial
to pick up hitchhikers or persons unknown to you;
to transport any inflammable, hazardous, toxic, volatile, poisonous, dangerous
or illegal substances or items;
in connection with any illegal activity;
in contravention of any traffic regulations;
in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition;
to engage in any motor sport, time trial, competitive driving or racing or
off-road driving;
to push, propel or tow another car, trailer or any other thing;
to jump start another Vehicle, or where you attempt to jump start the Vehicle;
in any way that is reckless, illegal, abnormal or likely to damage the Vehicle or
cause a danger to persons or property;
whilst operating any device that requires the use of one or both hands while
driving, including but not limited to mobile phones, mobile computers, or
devices that allow texting;
while you are or your Authorized Driver is under the influence of alcohol or
drugs or both to the extent that you are or your Authorized Driver is incapable
of having proper control of the Vehicle or while your or your Authorized
Driver’s blood alcohol content or the level of drugs present in your or your
Authorized Driver’s blood exceeds the limit specified by the law of the state or
territory in which the Vehicle is driven;
if you or your Authorized Driver refuse to submit to a drug or alcohol test;
on any road or other surface which is not sealed;
any area where or under any circumstances (including crossing a waterway or
transporting a Vehicle across a waterway) where the Vehicle may or does
become partially or totally immersed in water;
any area above the snow line (being above the altitude of 1250m) during the
gazetted snow season or in any other area under conditions where a
reasonable person would use snow chains;
on any beach or in any other area exposed to saltwater;
in any location or region specified by Us as an area or region in which the
Vehicle must not be used;
in any circumstances where the Vehicle may or does sustain damage to the
body or undercarriage as a result of making contact with a stationary object
overhanging or on the road surface (including driving or attempting to drive
under, over or around any such object);
in any circumstances where the Vehicle sustains damage to the roof area
including but not limited to the fitting of roof racks (or similar devices) or the
carriage of items on the roof, standing or sitting on the roof or making contact
with overhanging objects;
in any circumstances where the Vehicle is refueled with fuel other than that
which is recommended by the Vehicle manufacturer or specified by the
after any warning lights or messages becoming illuminated or displayed in the
Vehicle, or if you become aware of any mechanical fault with the Vehicle;
where the Vehicle has manual transmission and is driven by a person who
has less than two years' experience of regularly driving cars with manual
6.2. Vehicle Protection also does not include Damage and Loss arising from:
your failure to correctly lock the Vehicle or to secure the key during a Booking
Period or when returning the Vehicle;
use of the Vehicle by any person who is not an Authorized Driver;
use of the Vehicle by any person who holds a learner or provisional driver
license or permit;
legal costs to defend criminal acts or fines for breaches of road traffic statutes;
damage to property belonging to, or in the custody of, you, or any relative or
friend of yours who ordinarily resides with you;
the theft or loss of personal belongings from the Vehicle;
any penalties, fines, punitive, exemplary or aggravated damages for which
you or your Authorized Drivers are liable;
7.1. You will not be eligible for Vehicle Protection if you:
fail to inform us about something that you know or should know is relevant to
a claim, or provide false information, or if fraud is involved;
have breached any material obligation of, or have used the Vehicle in
contravention of, the Uber Carshare Terms of Service;
fail to report Damage and Loss to the Vehicle from hail, flood, fire, storm,
cyclone or other natural disaster as soon as possible and no more than 48
hours after it occurs, and pay your Deductible for that Event;
fail to inform us within 48 hours about an Accident or theft of the Vehicle that
occurs, even if you are not sure whether the Vehicle or other property was
leave (or if your Authorized Driver leaves) the scene of the Accident before
exchanging details with the other party or parties involved in the Accident or
before police or emergency services attend the Accident scene, or if you or
your Authorized Driver fails to cooperate with police or emergency services;
fail to report the theft of a Vehicle in your possession to the police as soon as
reasonably possible after you become aware of the theft;
provide false or misleading information to Us or the police in relation to a theft,
or fail to provide Us or the police with any relevant information in connection
with the theft;
fail to:
promptly give us any information, papers or other documents that you
receive concerning an Accident or theft; or
authorize us to obtain copies of any police witness statements or
reports made or able to be obtained by you in relation to an Accident,
theft of the Vehicle or police charges against you;
fail to assist us with any claim or action brought in respect of an Accident or
theft of the Vehicle;
have not provided correct or complete information about your driving history to
have not informed us of a change to your Driving History details before or
during the Booking Period, including (but not limited to) any vehicular
accidents that you are involved in, new events in your Driving History and any
other matters that may affect your eligibility as a Borrower;
fail to provide evidence, within 10 business days of our request, that the
information that you have provided to us about your Driving History is correct
and complete.
7.2. You will not have to pay your Deductible if Damage and Loss was caused by another
vehicle and we agree that:
you are not at fault;
you are able to identify the other vehicle and provide its registration number
and the owner's name, home or business address, telephone number and
license number; and
we recover the full amount of Damage and Loss from the third party or their
8.1. You agree that when we pay a claim, in addition to any common law and equitable
rights of subrogation that we may have:
we assume all of your rights of recovery against any other party in respect of
the Damage and Loss. You permit us to bring legal or other action in your
name to enforce those rights. You agree that we may at our discretion bring a
legal action in your name to enforce these rights and also request any
payment through that enforcement to be paid directly to our bank account of
choice and agree to terms to settle the claim without further notice to you or
approval from you;
if you are eligible for a future reimbursement by a third party (for instance from
the "at fault" driver who is responsible for the Damage and Loss), you agree
that we are entitled to those proceeds recoverable from the third party;
you will provide all reasonable assistance to us to recover such amounts
and/or settle claims (including providing documents and affidavit or witness
statements or signing a settlement agreement).
9.1. We will charge your payment method for the Deductible and any other amount
payable for Trip Damage and Loss under the Uber Carshare Terms of Service if:
you are responsible for Trip Damage and Loss, and we do not pay your claim
for Vehicle Protection;
you are responsible for Trip Damage and Loss, and fail to make a claim; or
if a third party causes Trip Damage and Loss and you are not at fault, we will
charge your credit card and refund any amount that we are able to recover
from the at-fault third party.
10.1. Your Protection Limit is stated in the Protection Schedule.
11.1 This Vehicle Protection agreement is governed by the Uber Carshare Terms of
Service. The Uber Privacy Notice, the Arbitration Agreement in Section 9 of those
terms, and any other applicable terms and conditions apply to this Vehicle Protection