Uber Carshare Privacy Policy and
Australian Credit Reporting Policy
I. Introduction /II. Overview /III. Data collections and uses /IV.
Choice and transparency /V. Updates to this policy /VI. Credit
Reporting Policy
I. Introduction
When you use Uber Carshare, you trust us with your personal data. We’re committed
to keeping that trust. That starts with helping you understand our privacy practices.
This policy sets out how Carshare Support Pty Ltd (ACN 163 596 530) (“Uber
Carshare”, “we”, our, “us”) collects, uses and discloses your personal data (“data”),
and your choices regarding the data.
II. Overview
A. Scope
This policy applies to users of our services anywhere in the world, including
users of our apps, websites, features, or other services.
This policy describes how Uber Carshare collects and uses data. This policy
specifically applies to:
Owners: Uber Carshare users who make their vehicle(s) available to others for
sharing through the Uber Carshare service.
Borrowers: Uber Carshare users who borrow, or make a booking to borrow, a
vehicle from an Owner through the Uber Carshare service.
Membership applicants: Individuals who apply to Uber Carshare to become an
Owner or Borrower. Membership applicants are restricted to Australia.
All those subject to this policy are referred to as “users” in this policy.
B. Data controller
Carshare Support Pty Ltd (ACN 163 596 530) is the data controller for the data
collected in connection with use of the Uber Carshare services.
III. Data collections and uses
A. The data we collect
Uber Carshare collects data:
provided by users to Uber Carshare, such as during account creation
created during use of our services, such as location, app usage, and
device data
from other sources, such as other users or account owners, our
affiliates, business partners, vendors, insurance and financial solution
providers, and governmental authorities
Uber Carshare collects the following data:
1. Data provided by users. This includes:
-User profile information: We collect data when users create or update their
Uber Carshare accounts, or place bookings. This may include their name,
age, gender, telephone number, email address, home address, banking/credit
card information, drivers licence details, passport details, photographs you
submit, device details, driving history, communications data and location data
from trips.
-Identity verification photos: This includes photos of users (such as, selfies)
and/or their government issued identifications (such as, drivers licence or
passports). Such photos may be used to verify a user’s identity, such as
through facial verification technologies (by generating and collecting a
biometric template which may constitute sensitive information) and
recognising individuals’ identity and liveness for fraud prevention to protect our
-Vehicle details: If you register as an Owner member, we will also collect
details about your vehicle including registration details, make, model, colour,
year of manufacture, VIN as well as a record of any existing damage. As part
of our service, we will collect necessary data to facilitate the processing of
damage claims, tolls and fuel expenses.
2. Data created during use of our services. This includes:
-GPS data: The in-car unit installed in cars will track GPS coordinates, which
we use to calculate distance travelled and to ensure the Vehicle is in the
correct location prior to the start of a Booking. The GPS data will not be
disclosed to any Member (other than where necessary to confirm the location
of the vehicle at the start of, or outside of, a valid Booking) or any other third
party, except:
- where we are legally obliged to do so or pursuant to legal process or
governmental request, including from law enforcement; or
- where we, with your consent, provide data relating to the start and end
time of Bookings and the distance travelled by your Vehicle outside of
Bookings to a third party insurer.
-Usage data: We collect data about how users interact with our services. This
includes access dates and times, app features or pages viewed, browser type,
and app crashes and other system activity.
-Device data: We collect data about the devices used to access our services,
including the hardware models, device IP address or other unique device
identifiers, operating systems and versions, software, preferred languages,
advertising identifiers, device motion data, and mobile network data.
-Communications data: We collect data regarding phone, text or in-app
communications between users that are enabled through our app. This
includes date and time, as well as the content of text or in-app messages. We
may also collect the content of phone calls solely where users are notified in
advance that the call may be recorded.
3. Data from other sources. These include:
- users participating in our referral programs. For example, when a user refers
another person, we receive the referred person’s data from that user.
- users or others providing information in connection with claims or disputes.
- from third parties such as credit reporting bodies, service providers or
partners. We may receive additional information such as credit history and
fraud detection information or data and combine it with information we have
about you. If you are a user in Australia, please see more details in our
Australia Credit Reporting Policy below.
- from other third party sources (including, for example, our affiliates, business
partners, sub-contractors in technical, payment and delivery services,
advertising networks, analytics providers, or search information providers) and
may receive information about you from them.
- from publicly available sources of information.
- vendors who help us verify users’ identity, background information, and
eligibility to work, or who screen users in connection with sanctions,
anti-money laundering, or know-your-customer requirements.
- law enforcement officials, public health officials, and other government
B. How we use personal data
Uber Carshare uses data to provide and improve the Uber Carshare service.
We also use such data:
to enhance the safety and security of our users and services
for research and development
for customer support
for identity and account verification purposes
for payment facilitation purposes
for marketing and advertising
to send non-marketing communications to users
in connection with legal proceedings
We use the data we collect:
1. To provide our services. Uber Carshare uses data to provide, personalise,
maintain, and improve our services.
This includes using data to:
- create/update accounts.
- process your requests and transactions, to charge and bill you for your use of
our service, and to collect any amounts you may owe us.
- generate receipts, and inform them of changes to our terms, services, or
- perform necessary operations to maintain our services, including to
troubleshoot software bugs and operational problems.
- personalise our services, for example for Owner members, by recommending
rental rates for their vehicles.
Uber Carshare performs the above activities on the grounds that they are
necessary to fulfil the terms of our agreements with users, are compatible with
such uses, or on the grounds that they are necessary for purposes of Uber
Carshare’s and its users’ legitimate interests.
2. Safety and security. We use data to help maintain the safety, security, and
integrity of our services and users. This includes:
- verifying users' identity and eligibility, or to conduct appropriate checks for
credit-worthiness and for fraud checking, investigation and risk assessment.
- using device, location, user profile, usage, and other data to prevent, detect,
and combat other types of fraud. This includes identifying fraudulent accounts
or uses of our services, preventing use of our services by unauthorised users,
verifying user identities in connection with certain payment methods, and
preventing and combating unauthorised access to users’ accounts.
Uber Carshare performs the above activities on the grounds that they are
necessary to fulfil the terms of our agreements with users, and/or for purposes
of the legitimate safety and security interests of Uber Carshare, our users and
members of the general public.
3. Customer support. Uber Carshare uses the information we collect (which may
include call recordings) to provide customer support, including to investigate
and address user concerns and to monitor and improve our customer support
responses and processes.
Uber Carshare performs the above activities on the grounds that they are
necessary to fulfil the terms of our agreements with users or for purposes of
Uber Carshare’s legitimate interest in monitoring and improving its customer
support services.
4. Research and development. We may compile aggregate data about the use
of our services. Information about how you use a service may be collected and
combined with information about how others use the service. Aggregate data
helps us understand trends and our users' needs so that we can develop and
improve our services. We may share anonymised aggregate information with
advertisers and partners. This policy does not limit our collection and use of
aggregate information that does not identify any individual.
Like many other sites, www.ubercarshare.com makes use of log files. The
information inside the log files includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, type of
browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date/time stamp, referring/exit pages,
and number of clicks to analyse trends, administer the site, track users
movement around the site, and gather demographic information. We combine
the anonymous information collected through third-party services with
personally identifiable information, but only if you provide us with your email
address, and only for the purposes of linking your user or member profile to
the sites, web pages or advertisements that contributed to your using our
website. We use this information to improve our product, advertising and
Uber Carshare performs the above activities on the grounds that they are
necessary for purposes of Uber Carshare’s legitimate interests in improving
and developing new services and features.
5. Enabling communications between users. For example Borrowers and
Owners may contact each other regarding the location of the car, damage to
the car or regarding a trip.
Uber Carshare performs the above activities on the grounds that they are
necessary to fulfil the terms of our agreements with users.
6. Marketing and Advertising. We may use your Personal Information to tell you
things we think you might be interested in. This includes:
- When you sign up to use the Uber Carshare, we’ll use the email address or
phone number you have provided us with to contact you with promotional
emails or, only for users based in Australia, SMS. We will send you
promotional emails, text messages, push notifications or in-app notifications
which may include information about our services, special offers, relevant
content or information from third parties where we think this information is
relevant to you. We may use information you’ve provided us such as your
location or information based on your website behaviour or purchase history
to decide what emails, text messages, push notifications and in-app
notifications may be most relevant to you.
- Displaying Uber Carshare advertising on third party apps or websites. This
includes using location, trip and order history, device data and usage data,
and sharing hashed email addresses and device or user identifiers with
advertising partners (such as Facebook and TikTok), to personalise such ads
to users’ interests.
7. Legal proceedings and requirements. We use data to investigate or address
claims or disputes relating to use of Uber Carshare’s services, to satisfy
requirements under applicable laws, regulations, or operating licences or
agreements, or pursuant to legal process or governmental request, including
from law enforcement.
Uber Carshare performs the above activities on the grounds that they are
necessary for purposes of Uber Carshare’s legitimate interests in investigating
and responding to claims and disputes relating to use of Uber Carshare's
services and features, and/or necessary for compliance with applicable legal
C. Cookies and third-party technologies
Uber Carshare uses cookies and other identification technologies on our
apps, websites, emails, and online ads for purposes described in this policy.
Cookies are small text files that are stored on browsers or devices by websites, apps,
online media, and advertisements. Uber uses cookies and similar technologies for
purposes such as:
- authenticating users
- remembering user preferences and settings
- determining the popularity of content
- delivering and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
- analysing site traffic and trends, and generally understanding the online
behaviours and interests of people who interact with our services
We may also allow others to provide audience measurement and analytics services
for us, to serve advertisements on our behalf across the internet, and to track and
report on the performance of those advertisements. These entities may use cookies,
web beacons, SDKs, and other technologies to identify the devices used by visitors
to our websites, as well as when they visit other online sites and services.
Please see Ubers Cookie Notice for more information regarding the use of cookies
and other technologies described in this section.
D. Data sharing and disclosure
Some of our services and features require that we share personal data with
other users or at a users request. We may also share such data with our
affiliates, subsidiaries, service providers, agents, professional advisors,
commercial partners and other third parties (who may be located outside of
Australia, including in the United States of America), including:
Uber Carshare may share data:
1. With other users
We may also disclose your name and contact information to other users or
members of Uber Carshare in order to facilitate the smooth operation of the
service. Please see the latest Member Agreement (including the Owner
Agreement) for more details. These documents are available on our website
If you book a vehicle or agree to a booking through the platform, we may
share photos of the vehicle, and other information relating to the booking that
you submit or upload, with the other party involved in the booking. In the
event of damage to a vehicle that you have booked, we may share photos and
other information relating to your booking with a third party who provides
insurance or damage cover for the vehicle. In the event a fine is issued relating
to your booking a vehicle, we may share your name, address, date of birth,
drivers licence number with the Owner to nominate you to pay the fine.
If you list a vehicle on the platform, your public listing page will include
information including your first name, public profile photos, the city where your
listing is located, listing description, calendar availability, a summary of your
vehicle's trips and reviews and your vehicle's approximate geographic pick-up
location. Our services allow your public profile and listing pages to be included
in search engines and used for advertising, in which case your public listing
may be indexed by search engines and published as search results or
2. At the user’s request
This includes sharing data with:
-Uber Carshare business partners. For example, if a user requests a service
through a partnership or promotional offering made by a third party, Uber
Carshare may share certain data with those third parties. This may include, for
example, other services, platforms, apps, or websites that integrate with our
APIs; vehicle maintenance services; those with an API or service with which
we integrate; or other Uber Carshare business partners and their users in
connection with promotions, contests, or specialised services.
3. With the general public
Questions or comments from users submitted through public forums such as
Uber Carshare blogs and Uber Carshare social media pages may be viewable
by the public, including any data included in the questions or comments
submitted by a user.
5. With Uber Carshare subsidiaries and affiliates
Our affiliates, including Uber Technologies Inc., Uber Australia Holdings Pty
Ltd and related Uber group companies, to help us provide our services or
conduct data processing on our behalf, including to understand better how
our users engage with Uber Carshare, to assist with data requests from law
enforcement officials, public health officials, or other governmental authorities,
and to offer and provide Uber Carshare and Uber Carshare promotions and
services that we and/or Uber Carshare think will be of interest to you.
6. With Uber Carshare service providers and business partners
These include our vendors, consultants, marketing partners, research firms,
electronic payment processing, clearing and settlement service providers,
data storage providers, map tracking service providers (including OpenStreet
Maps and Google), social media companies, marketing partners and
marketing service providers, research partners, IT mobile application service
vendors, call centres, consultants, lawyers, accountants, and other
professional service providers, insurance and financing partners, collaborators
or commercial partners.
We may also share users’ data with Third party insurance providers you may
have engaged to provide insurance for your personal use of cars on the
7. For legal reasons or in the event of a dispute
Uber Carshare may share users’ data if we believe it’s required by applicable
law, regulation, operating licence or agreement, legal process or governmental
request, or where the disclosure is otherwise appropriate due to safety or
similar concerns.
This includes sharing data with law enforcement officials, public health
officials, other government authorities, or other third parties as necessary to
enforce our Member Agreement or policies, to protect our rights or property or
the rights, safety or property of others (including our related bodies corporate),
or in the event of a claim or dispute relating to the use of our services. In the
event of a dispute relating to the use of another person’s credit card, we may
be required by law to share your personal data, including trip or order
information, with the owner of that credit card.
We may also disclose your Personal Information to third parties:
- where we sell any or all of our business and/or our assets to a third party.
- where we are legally required to disclose your information.
- with your consent, when we conduct marketing activities with third parties.
- to assist fraud protection and minimise credit risk.
8. With consent
Uber Carshare may share a users data other than as described in this policy if
we notify the user and they consent to the sharing.
E. Data retention and deletion
Uber Carshare retains user data for as long as necessary for the purposes
describedabove, including to provide its services and comply with legal
Uber Carshare retains user data for as long as necessary for the purposes described
above. The period for which we retain user data is determined by the type of data,
the category of user to whom the data relates, and the purposes for which we
collected the data.
The length for which Uber Carshare retains user data may further be determined by
legal and regulatory requirements, purposes of safety, security, and fraud prevention,
or by issues relating to the users account such as an outstanding credit or an
unresolved claim or dispute.
Users may request deletion of their accounts at any time. Uber Carshare may
retain user data after a deletion request due to legal or regulatory requirements
or for reasons stated in thispolicy.
For users based in Australia: if you wish to close your account or cancel your
application and request deletion of your personal information, please send an email
to members@ubercarshare.com.
For users based in the United States and Canada: you may request deletion of your
account at any time through the Settings > Privacy menus in the Uber app, or
through Uber’s website.
Please note that we may be unable to delete information that we need to comply with
applicable laws, detect or prevent fraud, collect any fees owed, resolve disputes,
assist with or process claims, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigation,
comply with audits and investigation, enforce our Member Agreements and Policies
and take other actions reasonably necessary, permitted, or required by applicable
law. There may also be residual information that will remain within our databases and
other records, which will not be removed.
To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, we will need evidence of your
identity before we can grant you access to information about you or change it.
Users based in Australia can contact us by email at members@ubercarshare.com or
by phone on (02) 8035 8000.
Users based in the United States and Canada can contact us via our Privacy Inquire
IV. Choice and transparency
Uber Carshare enables users to request access to or copies of their data,
make changes or updates to their account or request deletion of their
A. Marketing and advertising choices
Uber Carshare provides users with the following choices regarding how their
data is used for purposes of marketing and advertising.
If you are based in Australia and wish to opt out of marketing and promotional
emails, please contact us by email at members@ubercarshare.com or click the
unsubscribe link in the content of the email. You may not opt-out of receiving
service-related messages but you can manage your notification preferences in
the app or website.
If you are based in the United States or Canada, you may choose here whether
Uber or Uber Carshare may use your data to send personalised
communications (such as, emails, push notifications, and in-app messages)
about our products and services. You may also choose here whether to
receive any marketing emails or push notifications from Uber or Uber
B. User data requests
Uber Carshare provides users with a variety of ways to learn about, control,
and submit questions and comments about Ubers handling of their data.
You may request access to Personal Information about you that we hold and
you may ask us to correct your information if you find that it is not accurate,
up-to-date or complete. You may also make a complaint about our handling of
your information. These services are free of charge.
To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, we will need evidence of
your identity before we can grant you access to information about you or
change it.
If you are based in Australia, you can contact us by email at
members@ubercarshare.com or by phone on (02) 8035 8000.
If you are based in the United States or Canada, you can request a copy of the
most relevant data about you via the Download Your Data tool. In addition to
the methods indicated below, users may also submit data requests via our
Privacy Inquire Form.
C. How to make a complaint about privacy
If you are based in Australia and you think we have not complied with
applicable privacy law, you can make a complaint to us at
members@ubercareshare.com or by phone on (02) 8035 8000.
We will acknowledge your complaint in writing as soon as practicable within 7
days, and will aim to investigate and resolve your complaint within 30 days of
receiving it. If we need more time, we will notify you about the reasons for the
delay and ask for your agreement to extend this 30 day period (if you do not
agree, we may not be able to resolve your complaint).
If you reside in Australia and are not satisfied with the outcome of your
complaint, you can contact the Office of the Australian Information
Commissioner at 1300 363 992, or by mail to GP Box 5218, Sydney, NSW
2001 or at https://www.oaic.gov.au/about-us/contact-us/.
If you are based in the United States or Canada, please contact us through the
Privacy Inquire Form or any other method as indicated on Uber’s Privacy
V. Updates to this policy
We may occasionally update this policy.
We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make significant changes,
we will notify you in advance of the changes by email or in app message. We suggest
that you visit our website regularly to keep up to date with any changes.
VI. Credit Reporting Policy (Australia
We may provide credit as contemplated in the Privacy Act to our users' customers
in connection with our services and, as a result, we may collect credit information
and credit eligibility information about you as referred to in the Privacy Act.
A. Collection and retention of your credit information and credit
eligibility information
We collect, hold and use information related to your commercial and consumer
creditworthiness from Experian Australia Credit Services Pty Ltd
(www.experian.com.au | e: creditreport@au.experian.com | t: 1300 783 684), a credit
reporting body, for all purposes permitted by law. We also disclose information to
them. This activity is conducted for the purpose of assessing your credit capacity,
eligibility or history in connection with an application or an obligation as a guarantor,
collecting payments from you, and managing our credit relationship.
Credit information relates primarily to your credit-related dealings with us and covers
various types of information that can be collected by Credit Reporting Bodies (CRBs)
that report on consumer credit worthiness.
Credit information includes:
- identification information
- basic information about your credit account (for example when it was opened)
- details about information requests we make about you to CRBs
- information about certain overdue payments and about serious credit
infringements and information about payments or subsequent arrangements in
relation to either of these
- various publicly available information like bankruptcy and credit-related court
We may collect credit information about you in any of the circumstances relating to
other personal information described above under “How we collect your information”.
Credit eligibility information is information equivalent to the kinds listed above that we
generally collect from CRBs.
This information relates primarily to your dealings with other credit providers (for
example, banks, other financial institutions, or other organisations that may provide
you with credit in connection with their products or services). It may also include
certain creditworthiness information that we derive from the data that we receive
from a CRB. Sometimes we may also collect credit eligibility information about you
from other credit providers.
B. Use and disclosure of your credit information and credit eligibility
We may disclose your credit information to CRBs. Those CRBs may then include that
information in credit reporting information that they provide to other credit providers
to assist them to assess your creditworthiness.
Our use and disclosure of credit eligibility information is regulated by Part IIIA of the
Privacy Act and the Credit Reporting Privacy Code. We will only use or disclose such
information for purposes permitted by these laws, such as:
- processing credit-related applications and managing credit that we provide;
- assisting you to avoid defaults;
- collecting amounts you may owe us in relation to such credit and dealing with
serious credit infringements;
- assigning our debts;
- participating in the credit reporting system (including by informing a CRB if
you have defaulted on a payment that is greater than or equal to $150, where
we have issued an initial notice requiring payment of the overdue amount and
then issued a second notice (no sooner than 30 days after the first) giving you
at least 14 days’ prior written notice of our intention to report the default to a
- dealing with complaints or regulatory matters relating to credit or credit
reporting; or
- as required or authorised by another law.